Wooden Learning Clock Montessori Toy (3 in 1)

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Wooden Learning Clock Montessori Toy (3 in 1):

Teach children to tell time with the Wooden Learning Clock. The colorful design of this fantastic clock makes it attractive to children just as it makes the reading clearer to them. Below each hour you can find the minutes equivalent. Both the little and the big hand are thick and of 2 different colors for the children to distinguish them when they read the clock.

More than that, the Wooden Learning Clock is 3 in 1! Indeed, apart from using it as a clock, you can use it as a matching game to work on shapes and improve children's hand-eye coordination. Secondly, the numbered pieces are pierced so that you can use them as beads to thread thanks to the blue string available in the package. This will particularly enhance fine motor skills and dexterity.

Material: Wood.
Size: 18 cm x 18 cm.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old (small parts), choking hazard.
This clock has four styles: zebra, white rabbit, tiger and lion.
This product is natural high quality solid wood, with smooth corner treatment, safe and non-toxic. Rich in color and cute in image, each piece of puzzle is composed of small pieces of colored wood. It can improve children's cognitive ability and image thinking ability.

This product consists of two rotatable hands, twelve numbers and twelve object blocks corresponding to the numbers. Each piece is a separate piece. The baby puts it into the corresponding position according to its shape, number and color. Learn the numbers and know the clocks.

- First tell the kid the different shape of the plate, let him freely insert a piece of wood into the picture; please pay attention to guide the child's right and left hands to exercise at the same time.

- Let the kid strengthen the understanding of the color number, while exercising the hand-holding function, can also exercise the child's brain agility; have a deeper understanding of the shape.

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