Cobra Snake with IR RC YouTubers Prank Toy

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Remote Control Snake Realistic Snake Toys Fake Snakes RC Animal Toy with High Frequency Infrared Receiver Electric Toys Party Favors Halloween Pranks Joke for Kids Adults Gift:

Get ready to be amazed by the realistic motion of this Remote Control Toy Snake. Prank your friends, family, colleagues and even your dogs and cats by moving this scary snake across the floor, and watch it swiftly slither with its retractable tongue and swinging tail. This is the favorite toy of kids, pets, and people who love to make jokes. This insanely realistic snake will give you hilarious reactions from people surprised by it!

Super realistic and naturally moving snake Retractable tongue and swinging tail 3 different frequencies and speeds available Segmented body for realistic slithering action Use the remote control egg to turn it left or right.

Realistic Snake Details: Featuring meticulous skin texture, retractable tongue and swinging tail, this simulation fast moving cobra snake will bring tons of fun to kids.

Frequency Method: Select any channel of A/B/C, press the forward button to link the channel, if there is no channel, switch the channel, and then continue to press the button, the connection is successful, the animal will start to move.

ABS Environmental Protection Material & Electronic Component: The structure of the remote control snake body is made of safe and environmentally friendly ABS materials with built-in electronic components, babies can play with peace of mind.

High-Speed Electric, Anti-wear Tires: High-performance motor, strong power, wear-resistant tires, do not turn the wheels when stationary.

Built-in USB Charging Device: USB charging solves the power consumption problem of traditional toys. Safety and environmental protection, large capacity, strong endurance.

Remote Control Snake Joke Toys:
The texture of the skin is super high in simulation. Multi-section combination, bending freely, vivid and natural.

This remote control snake is equipped with a USB charging cable. USB charging solves the power consumption problem of traditional toys.

The bottom of the realistic snake is equipped with a power switch and a charging port.

This will be a fun prank gift for children, and it is also very suitable for surprises at parties or birthdays.

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 38 cm (14.96 in)
Controller Battery: 3 x AG13 button-cell batteries
Snake charging method: USB power charging.
Play Time: ≥20 minutes.
Charge Time: 40 minutes.
Remote Control Distance: 10M.

Package includes:
1 x Cobra Snake Toy.
1 x Dino Egg IR Controller.
1 x USB Charging Cable.
3 x 1.5V AG13 Button Batteries.

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