Boys Girls Painting Coloring Case Set 208pcs

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Super Artist Tool Kit for Boys & Girls Painting Coloring Case Set 208pcs: These beautiful painting and coloring cases which include: crayons, pencils, paint, pens, sharpeners, eraser, paint brushes and more:

STURDY AND IMPRESSIVE: Deluxe Plastic box with removable drawer to conveniently store art supplies. Sturdy plastic protective sleeve to keep supplies organized. Complete Art set with all the necessary tools for a beginner & Professional artist to a veteran. Perfect art tools for children. It has everything you need in a compact case. He arrived just in time to start preschool and nursery school for the boys. They are going to have a lot of fun.

WIDE APPLICATION: This versatile art set includes all drawing and painting tools that are suitable for paint hobbyists and even professional drawers working on crafts or construction paper and detail sketches. They are the best tools to show someone's impressive talent in drawing. They are also great kits for young children who are beginners and explore their curiosity. Box for boys and girls of 5 - 12 Years.

EDUCATIONAL AND INSPIRED: In the digital age, All Art set makes the perfect non-digital fun toy. Also, art sets are great for doodling, painting, color recognition, and art to spark inspiration from kids.

EASY TO CARRY AND USE: All in a beautiful box that closes at the top and has a hidden drawer that all Many colored pencils fit into. The drawer is soft and easy to put on and take off as needed. The entire drawer can be removed, so you can store the rest and just remove the waxes. Then it slides back into place just as easily. The drawer also has small round knobs that can be pulled to open the drawer.

Good Package: The Art Color Cases set comes in a nice Plastic case with you can take it everywhere with you, there is even Velcro on the bottom, and everything stays in one place. For use at school, travel or at home and in the office. Great stationery for back to school, planner or journal for any Occasions or Christmas gift, birthday present, children's day, Mother's Day, Easter day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving Day, party & New Years.

SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The art supplies in all Art set are made of eco-friendly material. Every Wax, pencil, and pastels in all Art set are non-toxic and safe for both kids and adults.

❤ The Art set contains: 24 crayons, 48 ​​oil pastels, 24 colored pencils, 18 watercolors, 24 mini markers, 12 markers, 10 white paper, 4 large paper clips, 3 paper clips, 1 HB pencil, 1 paint brush. Paint, 1 ruler, 1 eraser, 1 palette, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 sponge. 1 white watercolor. Tube, 1 Art case and much more ...

Case Color: Pink, Black & Blue.
Art set contains: 208 units.
Size: 41 x 30 cm / 16.14 x 11.81 -inches.
Weight: 1267g.

Package includes:
48 x Oil Pastels.
36 x Watercolor Pens.
30 x Paper Clip.
24 x Crayons.
24 x Colored Pencils
18 x Watercolor Cakes.
1 Set x A4 Paper.
1 x Liquid Glue.
1 x Eraser.
1 x Pencil Sharpener.
1 x Sketch Pencil.
1 x HB Pencil.
1 x Palette.
1 x White Glue.
1 x Double-sided Easel.

Note: Please check the product before giving it to your children. The Art set contains some small parts, it is better for children over 3 years old.

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