Portable SD Card Reader Micro USB Interface

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Portable SD Card Reader Mini USB Interface:

PLUG & PLAY - Simply connect the adapter to the Mobile Phone or Laptop via the port and transfer your photos and videos from the SD card.

Simple - With the SD card reader you can import pictures or videos from an SD (HC) card, micro SD card to your mobile Phone or laptop.

The pictures must be saved in a DCIM folder on the memory card !!

First insert the memory card into the adapter, then into the Mobile. After 5 - 20 seconds, depending on the memory card and capacity, a new folder named "Import" opens automatically in "Photos"!

PROCESSING - The 10 cm long of Card Reader is matches of USB 2 high quality.
DESIGN - The simple design reflects the class of your product.
Interface: Micro USB 2.0
Material: TPE + ABS
Size: 10 cm.

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